Plan My Baby Review

Plan My Baby illustrates the specific steps you can take towards choosing your baby’s gender before conception utilizing proven natural methods in helping couples select the gender of their desired baby, whether it is a boy or a girl. The book, with its natural methods in gender selection, is risk-free, recommends no drugs nor douches and is proven to be 94% effective! So, if you want to have a 94% chance of pre-determining your baby’s sex, click the link below and order Plan My Baby!

Plan My Baby contains information on three easy steps when it comes to gender selection before conception. First among the given steps is the importance of knowing when the ovulation period is. Included within this step is the importance of knowing whether a woman’s pH is alkaline in which there is a higher tendency for conceiving a baby boy or whether the pH is acidic where a baby girl is highly to be conceived. It also emphasizes the importance of basal body temperature in determining the possibility of conception, generally falling into the significance and concept of timing during intercourse.

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The second step tackled in the book is the importance of adjusting the woman’s diet in order to provide an appropriate environment for the sperm X or sperm Y to survive. It informs the reader on how removing or adding certain foods to one’s diet can affect the pH condition.

The third step being discussed in the book is the use of a particular sex position in order to deliver either a sperm X or sperm Y which plays an important role in determining the child’s gender. It also contains sketched graphics of various sexual positions to foster better understanding of the reader.

Plan My Baby is written in a simple, concise, and systematic manner and also provides scientific explanations on the theories presented in the book.

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Plan My Baby is indeed a helpful tool especially among couples who desire to have a specific gender when it comes to their baby, whether it involves their first born, second, or even last. It can also be a wonderful gift for friends especially those who are already in the phase of planning to have a baby. If you, or someone you know wants to learn how to have a 94% chance of determining a baby’s gender, Plan My Baby is proven to do just that!

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